To every communist visiting this site


By AKmatiAK 25-06-2019 12:47:30

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Hi all, soon I will engage in this site because I abandoned it for a long time, but now I see more people visit it, so maybe it's a chance to unite us. This is why I created it, to unite all communists, because we're spread all around the world and together we can do more, we feel better and have even more power to change the world around us. Personally I suffer from loneliness, it's so hard to live without anyone you can share your difficulties with. There's not much communists on the world, sad is also that not many of us want to unite, but I want it so much, maybe it's only because my free time which I spend on thinking in solitude. It's hard, yes, but I have hope which always is with me, sometimes it's weaker sometimes stronger, but I believe that some day we achieve our purpose, that we will be heard and in power. At this point I'm planning to improve forum categories and add some articles, also I must find a way to bring people here.

Sorry for my english tongue
Comrade from Poland

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