Communism never dies!


By AKmatiAK 3-06-2018 11:15:18

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Many people think that communism is old ideology which killed millions of peoples. Well, it's not true.

Communism is ideology, which aims to push society forward into much better economy, eliminate poverty, unite peoples and make everyone live well. Of course, beginning is not easy. Many capitalists won't give their property that easy, they don't want to work. Not all, but most of them. You may now think - Really? Then why it sucked in Soviet Union? The answer is simple - Bolsheviks was just crooks, who claimed to be communists, but in fact, they was imperialist robbing and killing their own working class. Unfortunately, there's still some people who call themselves communists, but does the same. Yeah, I know I only continue to blame them tongue so now, we are reborn as true ones, who really understand needs of today's world, who see that third world is abused by "developed" countries, that corrupted government forces people to pay for their luxuries, ignoring needs of working class, which is basis of country functioning. There is chance to change, leftist movements arises, people start to understand that reformation is neccesary, because at the moment world population is still going to self-exinction, it's just a matter of time when new weapon will put a world in threat of total destruction. The same applies to environment pollution. Unless industry stop using petroleum and coal as fuels, we will suffer from a poisoned environment. There's much more bad things that must be changed, capitalism is ruining our planet! We must unite to make tommorow better, to stop ubiquitous violence and pain, to give world hope there's opportunity to hapiness for everyone. Be ready for a change, to take part in it. Best regards comrades!

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