Why communism is better than capitalism?


By AKmatiAK 11-06-2018 19:54:09

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Because in communism:

  • there are no losses associated with the sale of products
  • there is no meaningless capitalist professions related to, for example, advertising and trade
  • there is no competition, because everything is a common property and you do not have to force people to do it
  • there is no class exploitation
  • there is no unemployment
  • there are no useless formalities
  • there is no poverty (except during the initial economic transformation in a poor country)
  • you do not have to waste time saving money
  • produced goods are common and do not spoil in warehouses but goes to those who need it
  • is environmentally friendly
  • builds bonds between citizens
  • gives you much more opportunities resulting from cooperation
  • gives a chance for the poor to develop and make their dreams come true
  • you choose the job you want to do, not your bourgeois employe
  • helping others you help yourself too
  • you come back satisfied from the work
  • you enjoy a great life instead of worrying about the lack of money

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